Camping in Sooke

After work last Friday, I headed onto Vancouver Island for a very short camping trip in Sooke.

I’m not the biggest fan of the ferry ride, especially if I’m alone. 😛However, I found myself enjoying the ride as I sat with a couple of strangers outside, looking at the wonderful view behind us.

Friday night was spent at Walmart buying equipment and preparing for the day ahead of us.

Originally we planned to get at the campsite at around 1pm, however, we had a late start to the day and had to run a few errands before our trip.

We got to Sooke River Campsite at around 4pm. We decided to set our little tent to claim our spot before we explore the rest of the campsite.

After we got settled, we packed our bags, took our valuables with us, and headed back again to the viewpoint we saw along the way.

We were prepared for the rain as the weather forecast predicted it. However, it showered for a little bit and cleared up not long after.

We adventured along the potholes. We followed a couple trails such as the Riverside Trail, Sand Pebble Beach, and Ripplerock Trail.

We went off trail quite a few times and to be quite honest, I’m glad we did or else we wouldn’t have seen and experienced these views in a way that we did.

Sometimes it’s quite hard to believe how beautiful nature can be. Granted these photos I’ve taken doesn’t give the place or these views justice. It’s much, much nicer in person.

After a couple hours of exploring, we quickly dipped ourselves into the water (I was mostly pushed in), and headed back to our campsite.

I obviously put on my compression socks to try and keep warm and to help with muscle recovery after hiking.

I’ve never really been camping before, except for that one time I went on a glamorous camping trip with my friend’s family, but I’ll have to say that the experience was definitely enjoyable.

We may have forgotten to bring pillows but at least we were warm during the night, thanksgiving to our new sleeping bags.

This short camping trip has definitely left me wanting more.


I highly recommend going before it gets packed during the summer time! The workers are super nice, the outhouses are quite clean, and there are a bunch of areas to explore! For $25/night, you can’t beat that. 


Pitaya Bowls – The Anchor Eatery

It’s summertime and you know what that means? It’s acai bowl time!

Nothing says summer like driving an hour and a half (most of it was spent sitting in traffic) to the best place to get acai bowls.

Joan and I have gone to the Anchor eatery multiple times now and every single time we get the same thing. The Nalu bowl is her favourite while the Hanuman bowl stole the show for me. Every time we go, we tell ourselves that we would try something new but never have we ever followed through up until this time.

I’ve always been scared to be disappointed since the Hanuman Bowl is basically my favourite thing on earth during the summertime. However, this time I was ready to take the plunge when I saw the Pitaya Bowl.

If you didn’t know, Pitaya is just another word for Dragonfruit, which is my one of my favourite fruits actually. This was an easy choice and boy am I glad I tried it! Not only is it so very refreshing, it also satisfies my sweet buds, which I thought only the Hanuman Bowl could do.

Don’t get me wrong, the Hanuman is still one of my favourites, but now I am happy to say that I found another favourite to add to the list!

If you are around North Vancouver, make sure to check out the Anchor Eatery for some delicious treats that won’t leave you feeling guilty.