Richmond Night Market

What else is there to do beside eating when a girl is feeling blue and depressed? Nothing!

My friends and I decided to venture to the Richmind Night Market yesterday for some comfort food. Disclaimer: I definitely let go of my diet this weekend because life is so very short.

The first stop that definitely caught my eyes were the vendors selling this big thing of fried chicken.

It is literally twice the size of my face! The seasoning was definitely the bomb (for sure not shy of any msg). The chicken was so big that the lady selling it was having troubles putting it inside the bag.

We also had deep fried mushrooms (uh, yum!) which made me love mushrooms even more.

After about a quarter of that chicken, I was already feeling sick and obviously that meant that it was time for desserts.

My cousin and I decided to split this churro, green tea ice cream dessert. It was delicious but I’m not sure if it’s really worth the $10 we spent on it. However, we definitely got the sugar kick out of it.

We also bought some goodies but I didn’t really consider taking pictures of it. Maybe my cousin will do a review on her face masks she bought? Check out if you want to see that.


Cartems Donuterie

Since I’m currently sitting on the bus stop, waiting for my bus to take me to the ferry terminal for a short camping trip this weekend, I thought it would be a good time to write about this little gem: Cartems Donuterie.

The first time I have ever had Cartems was from almost two years ago, right after I had gotten my very first tattoo. Needless to say, that day was filled with impulse decision that I do not regret one bit.

Anyways, I was around downtown last week with Louise doing some birthday shopping when my sweet tooth kicked in. I dragged her to Cartems with me because I figured I haven’t been there in a while and they have never disappointed me before.

Louise and I both split a London Fog donut and their Vegan Apple Pie Stuffie (yum!). Yes, they do offer vegan donuts!

Their London Fog donut really captured the taste of my favourite drink. It was like eating an actual London Fog! Next time, I will definitely have a drink with the donut just so I could have the whole experience.

The Apple Pie Stuffie was a taste of fall and thanksgiving in one bite. Just so you know, I love fall and I love thanksgiving so this was definitely a win for me. It’s vegan too so double win!

Okay, now I’m hungry and I wish I had a donut with me instead.

Let me know, what’s your favourite donut place?

Pitaya Bowls – The Anchor Eatery

It’s summertime and you know what that means? It’s acai bowl time!

Nothing says summer like driving an hour and a half (most of it was spent sitting in traffic) to the best place to get acai bowls.

Joan and I have gone to the Anchor eatery multiple times now and every single time we get the same thing. The Nalu bowl is her favourite while the Hanuman bowl stole the show for me. Every time we go, we tell ourselves that we would try something new but never have we ever followed through up until this time.

I’ve always been scared to be disappointed since the Hanuman Bowl is basically my favourite thing on earth during the summertime. However, this time I was ready to take the plunge when I saw the Pitaya Bowl.

If you didn’t know, Pitaya is just another word for Dragonfruit, which is my one of my favourite fruits actually. This was an easy choice and boy am I glad I tried it! Not only is it so very refreshing, it also satisfies my sweet buds, which I thought only the Hanuman Bowl could do.

Don’t get me wrong, the Hanuman is still one of my favourites, but now I am happy to say that I found another favourite to add to the list!

If you are around North Vancouver, make sure to check out the Anchor Eatery for some delicious treats that won’t leave you feeling guilty.