28 Days of Hot Yoga

I decided to join in on the 28 day challenge that my yoga studio is having. Anyone who wanted to join the challenge could do so with just a $30 fee. There is a limit of one class per day but if someone was to take advantage of the full 28 days, that’s 28 yoga classes for just $30. That sounded like a good deal to me. Not to mention that the holiday season as well as my two week trip to Bali, Indonesia that soon followed had caused me to gain about 10 pounds within that short amount of time. I was in dire need to shed off some of those weight.

February 1st – The Journey Begins

It’s been almost 7 months since I’ve gone to a yoga class and boy am I out of shape! I should mention that I am doing Oxygen’s Hot Yoga. My first class really kicked my butt (and my arms). I forgot how intense the class is and how much sweat I’m actually able to sweat off. Looking forward to the next 27 days!


February 4th

I haven’t missed a class yet so I’m happy to say that I have stuck to it. I am really enjoying the Deep Stretch class. After focusing on weight lifting over the last 7 months, I’ve definitely lost a lot of my flexibility.

February 9th

We past the first week! I went to Taylor’s Fast and Furious class and I loved every second of it. My flexibility is slowly getting better. I have noticed that even though I am able to squat heavier, body weight exercise are a killer! Those fire hydrant makes me want to cry every single time.


28 Day Challenges Intro

2016 was a great year which is why I’ve decided to push myself this year. I truly believe that 2016 was the year of enlightenment for me. I lost my way a lot but I also felt like I was lost in the right direction which was kind of nice. I got my heart broken, found myself having a stable full time job, and met people who really have changed my life for the better. It was a full year of complete ups and downs. 2016 was the year I realized that all of the things I want in life is within my reach. This year is about pushing and challenging myself to actually go for it.

Challenges I have in mind/doing right now:

28 Days of Hot Yoga

28 Days Reset Challenge

28 Days Kayla Itsines Summer Sweat Series


Let me know if there are any other 28 Day Challenges that I can do! I’d love to hear your thoughts.