GIVEAWAY! Compression Socks

When people think about compression socks, they normally think of long distance runners or older clientele with varicose veins. I’m neither of those things, although I did consider myself a long distance runner when I was training for a half marathon race that I never ended up doing so now you really know how committed I am. With that being said, I give mad props to all the committed long distance runners out there, I applaud you!

Anyways, back to my main topic, what really is the point of compression socks? I’ve been raving to my friends about it, wanting them to join on the compress for wellness train, and I’m here to do the same to you.

Graduated compression socks gently squeeze the legs to help move blood upwards, preventing the legs to swell. This works well for anyone who sits or stands for long periods of time.

Being a customer care specialist, I spend most of my days sitting down in the same cramped position. Wearing compression socks helps my legs feel energized by providing healthy increase in circulation. It also helps with muscle recovery, pregnancy swelling, and so much more!

I’ve always said that everyone just needs to try it to understand what I mean so I am doing a little giveaway! I am giving away a pair of Dr. Segal’s Compression Socks (15-20mmHg) of your choice. Being that it is my birthday tomorrow, I am feeling extra generous and want to give back to those who keep up with my blog as thank you.

To enter, all you need to do is comment where in the world you would like to travel and the pair of compression socks you want to win! You can find all styles at

This giveaway will only be open for 2 weeks. I will announce the winner on Thursday, June 23rd!


22 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY! Compression Socks

  1. I would love to travel to Warsaw to visit my family there, as well as to explore the history of the country of Poland! After all, wearing the Purple and Blue Argyle socks would be fun to sport there too!


  2. I really want to travel around Africa and also Europe – I’m super open to just about anywhere though..

    I personally love the grey argyle or the black and rainbow striped version!


  3. I would love to travel to France, but more than likely these would be worn through the next few months of my pregnancy. The leopard socks look lovely!


  4. I would love to go to Mexico to see the pyramids there!!! And socks… I would love the black-cotton 15-20 mmHg True Graduated Compression Socks!!! My poor, old and tired legs and feet would love them!!!


  5. I want to go to Switzerland to visit my cousin and London, England to see my other cousin’s new baby. woyld love the basic black stockings please. thank you!!!!


  6. I am torn…I go to Ensenada on missions trips and would love to go there but I recently heard of a mission trip to Kenya and would like to go there too!!


  7. My hubby hasn’t been to Japan where my grandparents are from and I’d love for him to see that beautiful country. The houndstooth is a stylin pair of socks to be sure so I must say it would be my choice if I am indeed the lucky chosen one! Thanks!

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  8. Definitely want to go to Disneyland…who wouldn’t want to go to the happiest place on Earth? 😉
    I think the Black cotton socks will come in handy since I’ll be doing lots if walking there!


  9. Starting out on a dream trip to Africa on July 3rd – 10 flights coming up!! Realizing a dream to spend time in an elephant preserve!!! The socks look wonderful!


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