Cloverdale Rodeo

Plaid shirts, cowboy hats (boo Bowen for the lack of a cowboy hat on that head), and food trucks, all while listening to Shania Twain? Count me in!

I’ve always wanted to go to the Cloverdale Rodeo just because why the hell not? However, I never had the chance up until last Friday night, and boy was it a good time! We were legal (except for the 2 guys who were left behind to fend for themselves) and able to go see what the Saloon had to offer. But of course we had to make a lap around the fair, buy a cowboy hat for myself, and grab a bite.

Did I mention I went to the Rodeo with 6 white guys? Needless to say, I never felt left out except when we all had to take a washroom break and I was the only one who had to go to the women’s washroom while they all went with each other.

The food was great. What’s even better is sitting on a picnic table situated in the middle of all the food trucks with a live band playing Shania Twain just a couple hundred meters away.

Once it was time to go to the Saloon, the kids headed back to the car to find their own fun while the adults mingled inside. We surprisingly didn’t have to wait long in line, and once we got inside the real party started.

What I loved the most about this whole experience was the fact that you didn’t need to be wasted to enjoy your time. My friends and I made our way to the front, with me leading of course. We danced, we sang, and we had a great damn time while doing so. I learned how to two-step, or at least Carter tried to teach me. He said I was great but in my opinion, I stepped on his toes way too much for that to be the case.

While this all seems fun and all, our Rodeo experience ended abruptly when one of Colin’s very expensive cowboy hats was given to a stranger by our buddy Carter (bless your soul for keeping us on our toes). After a few laps around the Saloon, we decided we weren’t going to find the hat and stood in the corner in defeat. That was until we noticed a guy standing a couple feet from us, drinking a beer, and wearing a white cowboy hat with a little red ribbon on top and the same emblem on the side. Me, being the not so shy person, went to the guy got his hat with Bowen and Colin following right behind me and the interrogation started.

Long story short, we almost got into a fight but everything was fine and we got the hat back and hurried our asses out of that Saloon and headed to the beach to end our night with a little bonfire.

To sum it up, I’m sad it’s going to be another year until the Rodeo again. It was a good time and I never thought in a million years that I would ever own a cowboy hat, but here I am listening to Kip Moore and looking into the Calgary Stampede.



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