Starting a new chapter

Just a month ago I was an aspiring elementary teacher hoping to get accepted to either SFU or UVic. That was of course until I had a chance to read an article going over the hardships aspiring teachers face in today’s world.

I’ve always known that being a teacher wasn’t going to be easy but I was always looking toward the bright side. However, the truth of the matter is teachers are not in demand. And I was not about to spend $30,000 or more on my education in hopes to teach a class someday. I wanted to be able to finish school and be able to provide for myself.  With that, I decided that school isn’t the right fit for me right now.

I was scared at first with my decision as school has always been a safety net for me. Not to mention that one of the schools I’ve applied for was the same university my boyfriend goes to. Sure it’s tempting to go to a school that will make me closer to him as distance sometimes can be a real challenge, but at the end of the day I had to do what was best for me. At this point in time, the best thing to do was experience new job opportunities that I can pursue in the future, something that was expected to be in high demand in BC.

However, with fear and uncertainty comes excitement. I’m excited to see where 2016 is going to take me. I’m excited for the new beginnings and maybe someday I’ll revisit my dreams of becoming a teacher.



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